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About "Out There Studio"

This is my Studio "Out There Studio"; cause it's "Out There". :O)  My girlfriend told me that is what I should name it when we built it cause that is how I always describe it. "Out There".  Hence the name.  Kinda like it .... don't you. 

At "Out There Studio" I believe that God has given me a talent  that I would like to use to Honor Him.  I used to try to paint to please others -- now I create to Honor God.  Sometimes I think I fall short -- but most of the time I think I have Him smiling; or at least I hope I do.  

I know that I refer to God alot on my website but it is not I who has the talent it is only on loan to me.  I would like to share what I have been given with others.  Through teaching them what I know or by sharing my work with others. 

I love to create pieces.  My favorite works now are textiles.  I am trying to learn all that I can to make my works the best that they can be.  I promised myself that I would learn more this year so that I can bring it back to my work.  So classes are what I am taking this year and than giving back as much as I can.

Thank you for sharing your interest in OUT THERE STUDIO and stayed tuned for new works.  Let me know what you think... I am always open for suggestions on what you would like to see me do.

Always Creating: