Meg Smither - Textile Artist
silk, batiks, paper painting/collages, fibers


So It is almost done

I have been working on this website all day long today. I’m sure that it will need way more work as the days go by but I think it is a good start. Most of this is samplings of what I do. I can be contacted directly if you think that you might need something. Most of my work is out in different galleries and shops. I feel very blessed to have found places that are willing to carry my work. It is a constant process trying to find venues. I am currently looking for one in the Asheville area. So if you know of places that might be interested give me a shout out.

I thank you for all of your kind words on FB. I have been putting this new site out on the social media scene to see how it goes.

Well must end for now but thank you again for your interest and your patients for this BLOGGING attempt. LOL If that is what we want to call this. I am still definately a work in process.

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